the process

Scribing takes place live in the room with participants numbering anything from small meetings to conferences in the 100’s and is drawn or scribed onto large work walls or other surfaces for drawing. Also digital tablets with art programmes can be used to produce the work live on screens. The process of capturing the ideas and comments that come out of the group is very involving for the participants and allows allows them to see visually where they are going in terms of progress and decisions made. Crucially scribing captures opinions and group knowledge which serves to bring greater understanding and participation in problem solving or planning. Scribing brings visuals to the group voice, which can then be digitised and used as a tool throughout the organisation after.

Often a scene is depicted in the scribe that is derived from the general themes of the conversation perhaps regarding change process or the milestones which a particular project needs to meet. Sometimes the scribing is very fast and therefore works as visual notation, at others it can be more considered representing the story of the event and the work discussed.

The work produced is a response to the collective ideas that come out of discussions, conferences and events and serve to underline and uniquely illustrate that conversation.

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